Email Warm Up Tools - All to Know

Email warm up tools are a necessity for salespeople and marketers today to be successful. Learn everything about them and especially Unfiltered.
As an email warm up tool development team, we consider ourselves experts.

Because before we are developers, we are salespeople and markets that use email warm-up tools daily. We have encountered problems and frustrations with what is available in the marketplace today, leading to our own creation.

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about warm-up tools and what they can do for you before introducing you to Unfiltered more fully.

What is an Email Warm-Up Tool?

An email warm-up tool is a software or service designed to help improve email deliverability and inbox placement by gradually establishing a positive sending reputation for a new or inactive email address.

You must warm up your email because it tells protection methods that prospects have such as email firewalls that your account is not just being used to send out emails, but is also receiving and participating in conversations. Especially when you’re first starting out your outreach and polishing your cold outreach, you need to keep your engagement levels up.

Warming up your email can be done manually, via seeding to your team members or people you know that will respond and create conversations, or you can automate it with a tool. These are known as email warm up tools.

High email engagement levels, not possible via manual seeding, will protect you from landing your email in spam. An email warm up tool generates automated conversations that signify to email protection methods that your email is not merely used to send out spam.

Additionally, it allows you to increase the number of emails you send out slowly. On day 1, you cannot send 1000 emails – you need to start lower. Over time and with the warm-up tool in place, your email builds email deliverability, and credibility, allowing you to send out more.

And there are several more benefits to warming up your inbox:

Advantages of Warming-Up Your Inbox

advantages of email warm up tools
  • Warming up your inbox will increase your engagement rates and land you in your prospect’s inbox more often, as this is mostly based on engagement. The more warmed up your inbox is, the higher your engagement rate, the more certain you are to land in your prospect’s inbox and get your email read.

  • You can keep an eye on and then control your sender's reputation and deliverability by warming up your email. If at any point you start ending up in spam or your reputation lowers, you can turn the warm up tool on and let it run for a few days to help you increase it again.

  • As soon as your campaign is launched, you'll notice an increase in open rates because your warmed-up domain will make you more visible. Any of the hurdles your competition might be facing to be seen, you’re already ahead of them because you’ve got the technical side of things figured out. And it’s all automated and you haven’t had to do any additional extra work.

  • Your sender reputation grows as you go through the email warm-up process as ESPs determine the trustworthiness of your domain. The more engaged and actual conversations they see, the more trustworthy your domain is. After all, spammers always send out in mass amounts to few responses. You cannot be a spammer because your engagement and response rate is so high thanks to the warm up tool.

  • The highest deliverability on a warmed-up domain results in lower bounce rates. Your prospects will receive all of your emails in their primary inbox. Not worrying about spam is one thing, but you won’t even have to worry about being bounced back.

How Do Email Warm-Up Tools Work?

We briefly covered it above, but email warm-up tools work by creating an automated high engagement rate, which directly transfers to an increase in your sender's reputation and helps you avoid spam.

They are instrumental in getting your emails opened and read from a technical point of view.

Email warm-up tools have four essential tasks:

  • Create artificial responses and email chains to automated emails you’ve sent
  • Help emails that you have sent be marked as important by ISP spam filters
  • Inbound emails are received in your inbox
  • Emails that would have landed in spam folders inside inboxes from the network will be tagged as not spam instead

By accomplishing those tasks, your deliverability increases in leaps and bounds. It allows you to maximize the outcomes of your cold email campaigns and newsletters, as it is due to a well-warmed-up inbox that your open, reply, and click rates can soar.

How Long Does the Email Warm-Up Process Take?

For your email to be at its deliverability peak, you typically need to wait at least 1 month to see how it goes.

But to start your new email off, within 2 to 4 weeks, you should have a clear understanding of how that particular email address is doing, and how warmed up it is. At least, depending on the volume of emails you are sending out, which is why we always recommend slowly building your way up.

You will know if you have started receiving replies to your wonderful copy, and if you have been making sure to check your deliverability weekly with a service such as GlockApps.

Regardless of how warmed up, you are at any given time, however, it is best to keep the warm-up tool in play. You can turn it on or off as needed if you like: by checking deliverability, you will realize when is a good time to turn it back on and once again increase your engagement rate.

Check out our blog: "How many cold emails to send per day" to learn more about protecting your email health.

After all, in sales and marketing, anything can cause a prospect to tag you as spam.

Can Email Warm-Up Tools Fix Bad Sender's Reputation?

The answer is yes, yes they can.

They are in fact instrumental in doing so.

The minute you notice your sender's reputation is down, you want to pause all your active sequences and turn on the warm up tool.

It will take a few days, or possibly a few weeks, for your reputation to go back up. But you don’t want all those email sequences to keep going and landing in spam. It will not be simply lost sales possibilities, but a constant issue for your email, as continuously landing in spam will continue to harm your reputation.

But what to do while you wait?

Or, set up a new address. Warm it up and have it ready to go as a backup just in case the primary one faces a similar problem.
Improve your email deliverability with

Introducing Unfiltered

Now that we’ve introduced you to warm up tools more broadly, let us introduce you to Unfiltered!

Salespeople and marketers developed Unfiltered because we were frustrated with the options available to us.

Primarily it is a warm-up tool. Its purpose is to help you technically land in the inbox so it is your copy doing the work with your prospects, and you do not have to worry about technical issues.

However, recently Google changed their email API, making many warm up tools obsolete.

There's also an update in 2023 for Gmail users for email mass-sending.

For this reason, we are building it with an SMTP/IMAP warm-up setup. This means that it will be around long-term, as it does not use the Gmail API. Google cracked down on tools built on this, so we focus on IMAP to provide the best engagement to users.

Email warm-up is not dead.

Additionally, at Unfiltered we offer an email deliverability service.

Because we understand the value of good email deliverability and what goes into it as salespeople and marketers ourselves, we incorporate that into our offer. Beyond simply relying on a warm-up tool, we offer our expertise to customers to help them navigate the labyrinth of good email deliverability.

You can select one or the other, or use the power of both to increase your open, reply, and click-through rates whenever you work with us:


Your emails aren’t receiving responses, and when you send them to friends, they end up in spam.

You spent so much time perfecting your email copy that your prospects can’t see.

As a salesperson or marketer, you might not even know all the technical aspects of cold or mass emailing. After all, you think that’s the reign of IT.

This is no longer the case.

Salespeople and marketers are, in fact, the only people in a company that are usually aware of and care about, email deliverability. We are the ones most affected by it, and we are the ones who see it play out every day.

The team at Unfiltered created this tool and service to help others in the industry navigate through the complicated web that is email deliverability.
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