Unique Opens vs Total Opens. What’s the Difference?

Learn the differences between unique and total opens, and their significance for an successful email marketing campaign.
Key metrics that can make or break your email marketing success include unique opens and total opens.

To help you navigate these terms, we have created a comparison between unique and total opens to provide insights into their distinctions and significance for an email marketing campaign.

Read on!

What are Unique Opens?

Unique opens in email marketing refer to the number of individual recipients who opened your email at least once.

It's an essential email marketing metric as it gives a clear idea of how engaging your subject line is and how effective your email marketing campaigns are at getting recipients to open the message.

For example, suppose you send an email to 100 recipients, and 25 of them open the email.

In that case, you will have 25 unique opens. This metric accounts for each recipient's opening of the email only once, irrespective of how many times they open it.

What are Total Opens?

Total opens, on the other hand, look at the total number of times your emails have been opened, including multiple opens by the same recipient.

This metric can provide insight into how often your email content is being revisited or shared with others.

Let's use the previous example of an email sent to 100 recipients. If 25 people open the email and 5 of them open it twice, you will have 30 total opens - 25 unique opens plus 5 additional opens.
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Why Do Unique and Total Opens Matter for Email Marketing?

Understanding the difference between unique and total opens can help you improve your email marketing campaigns and measure the degree of success they achieve.

Here are a few reasons why these metrics are vital:

  • Subject Line Effectiveness: Unique opens help measure how attracting your subject lines are and how well they attract readers to open your emails. A low unique open rate might indicate a need to work on your subject lines and test different approaches to improve engagement.

  • Content Relevance and Quality: A high total open rate suggests that your email content is relevant, valuable, and engaging. If recipients return to your message or share it with others, it's a sign that your content is well-received and worth revisiting. Keep up the good work!

  • List Segmentation and Targeting: Unique opens give valuable information about which segments of your email list are most engaged, allowing you to focus on those segments and create targeted content that caters to their interests.

  • Campaign A/B Testing: Comparing unique and total opens between different segments of your campaign or various subject lines helps you make data-backed decisions as you optimize your email marketing strategies.


To sum up, unique opens and total opens are crucial email marketing metrics that allow you to understand the overall performance of your campaigns.

They provide valuable insights into audience engagement, subject line effectiveness, content relevance, and list segmentation, enabling continually improving and refining your email marketing strategies for better results.

Stay informed, optimize your campaigns, and watch your email marketing success fly with a keen understanding of unique opens and total opens.

Happy emailing!

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