Best Follow-Up Email Subject Lines to Send After a Meeting

Discover the best follow-up email subject lines to use after a meeting. Learn why they matter, how to automate them, and examples to improve your email engagement.
Meetings are crucial to building relationships, making decisions, and driving projects forward.

However, the real magic often happens after the meeting ends. A follow-up email can reinforce your key points, remind prospects of their action items, and keep the conversation going. But even the most well-crafted email can fall flat if it doesn't get opened.

This is where the subject line comes in. An effective follow-up email subject line can significantly increase the chances of your email being noticed and read.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of follow-up emails, discuss whether they can be automated, and provide effective subject line formulas and examples to improve your email engagement.

What is a Follow-Up Email?

A follow-up email is a message sent after an initial meeting or interaction to continue the conversation, provide additional information, or remind the prospect of agreed-upon actions.

These emails help keep the conversation going, reinforce relationships, and drive the next steps in the sales process.

Follow-up emails can vary in content, from expressing gratitude for the meeting and summarizing key points discussed to outlining action items or next steps.

They are vital in keeping all parties aligned and ensuring that tasks are completed on time. Sending a thoughtful follow-up email shows you're professional and genuinely interested in keeping the business relationship strong rather than just selling.

Can I Automate Follow-Up Emails?

Yes, follow-up emails can be automated using various email outreach tools. Automation allows you to schedule and personalize follow-ups without manual intervention, ensuring timely communication.

Sales automation tools like Mailshake, Mixmax, and Yesware offer features that make it easy to automate and track your follow-up emails, saving you valuable time while maintaining efficiency.

These tools often come with templates that can be customized to fit your specific needs, ensuring that your follow-up emails remain personal and relevant. Automation also ensures that no follow-up email is forgotten, which is crucial in maintaining a consistent communication flow.

You can stay organized and responsive by using automation, ultimately enabling stronger business relationships and improving closing rates.

Why Are Follow-Up Email Subject Lines Important?

importance of email follow ups
The subject line is the first thing your prospect sees, determining whether they will open your email.

A well-crafted subject line can:

  • Capture attention
  • Convey the urgency or importance of your message
  • Encourage the prospect to take action
  • Improve open rates and engagement

The effectiveness of your email campaign can rely on how persuasive your subject line is.

A natural, conversational tone in your subject line can increase the likelihood of your email being read and responded to. Brief subject lines are better since many people read their emails on their phones.

Optimizing the snippet—the short amount of text that appears near the subject line—can also improve the chances of opening your email by offering a noteworthy preview of the email content.
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Follow-Up Email Subject Line Formula

follow up email subject line formula
Creating an effective follow-up email subject line involves a combination of personalization, relevancy, and clarity.

Here’s a simple formula to follow:

  1. Personalization: Include the prospect’s name or company.
  2. Relevancy: Reference the recent meeting or topic discussed.
  3. Clarity: Be clear about the purpose of your email.
  4. Urgency: Imply a sense of importance or timeliness.

Personalization makes the recipient feel valued and heard, while relevancy ensures that the email directly relates to their interests or concerns. Clarity helps set the right expectations about the email content, and urgency can generate faster responses.

For example, a subject line like “John, following up on our meeting about project X” effectively encapsulates all these elements.

50 Follow-Up Email Subject Lines

Here are some tested and proven subject lines to inspire your follow-up emails:

  1. “Thank you for your time, [Prospect’s Name]”
  2. “Next steps after our meeting”
  3. “Quick follow-up on our discussion”
  4. “Here’s the information you requested”
  5. “Feedback on our meeting”
  6. “Circling back on our last conversation”
  7. “Let’s continue our conversation”
  8. “Your thoughts on our proposal?”
  9. “Meeting recap: What’s next?”
  10. “Action items from our meeting”
  11. “Following up on our touchbase”
  12. “Let’s keep the conversation going”
  13. “Quick follow-up”
  14. “Any updates since our last chat?”
  15. “Do you have any questions?”
  16. “Our meeting summary”
  17. “Checking back in”
  18. “Next steps in our collaboration”
  19. “I forgot to mention…”
  20. “Can you help me with this?”
  21. “Just left you a voicemail”
  22. “Did you see this?”
  23. “Let’s cut to the chase”
  24. “Regarding my application”
  25. “Great chatting with you, [Name]”
  26. “You're not alone”
  27. “Let's take a look”
  28. “Missed you again”
  29. “Wednesday meeting at 12”
  30. “Following up regarding the [Job Title] position”
  31. “Where should we begin?”
  32. “Great meeting you today”
  33. “I'd love your feedback on that meeting”
  34. “Would anything change your mind?”
  35. “Here's the info I promised you”
  36. “You coming?”
  37. “[Referral Name] referred me to you”
  38. “Here’s what I’ll do”
  39. “Quick question following our meeting”
  40. “Are you free to chat this week?”
  41. “Need your input”
  42. “Appreciate your insights”
  43. “Next steps on [Project/Topic]”
  44. “Looking forward to your feedback”
  45. “Let’s finalize the details”
  46. “Want to make sure we’re on track”
  47. “Thank you for the opportunity”
  48. “Can we schedule a follow-up?”
  49. “Clarification on our last discussion”
  50. “Are we still on for [Date]?”


Effective follow-up email subject lines are crucial for ensuring your emails get the attention they deserve. Personalizing, referencing the meeting, and being clear about your intent can significantly improve your email open rates and engagement.

Remember, the right subject line can make all the difference in post-meeting communications. Happy emailing!

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